In collaboration with Ricky Suen, Nicholas Ho & Rosanna Kwok

Driven by the desire to dedicate the vast majority of the ground floor to public realm, and hence to foster cross connections through the site to the harbour, an indexical framework was established to create an articulated landscape that divides the site diagonally to provide new pedestrian and vehicular through-routes.

The dis-used Victorian Bathhouse is to be partially retained and converted to an art gallery coupled with a multi-storey carpark. The private clubhouse is located at podium level and, while formally connecting the different volumes, provides access to the 3 residential blocks facing the harbour.

Informed by the typical courtyard arrangement of building blocks in the city, the proposed arrangement of the residential blocks and the office block is based around the creation of lightwells and terraces that separates and reduces the volumes to allow for maximum light penetration.


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